Bringing Ladram Bay to Bridgwater! Somerset couple have favourite East Devon holiday spot painted on their garden wall

A Somerset couple love the view of their favourite East Devon holiday spot so much they’ve had it painted on their garden wall.

Sharon and Garry Sweet, from Bridgwater, decided to commission the artwork while pining for Ladram Bay during lockdown.

The 48sq ft image of the private beach and its iconic offshore sea stack even features their three sons Max, Sam and Jay having fun on paddleboards.

 Rugby club manager Sharon and builder Garry have been visiting Ladram Bay Holiday Park near Otterton for a decade.

“It was love at first sight,” said Sharon.

“Our family became very regular visitors.

“All that came to an end, of course, when the country went into lockdown.

“But it didn’t stop us dreaming of Ladram Bay, and then I thought, why not bring the bay to Bridgwater!

A view of Ladram Bay Holiday Park in East Devon. Picture contributed.

A view of Ladram Bay Holiday Park in East Devon. Picture contributed.

“After the park reopened in July, we booked a holiday and arranged for the painting to be completed while we were away – and the result is absolutely fantastic.”

Bridgwater designer Dean Trowsdale, of White Squirrel Art, spent four days on the project using photos of the beauty spot.

And Dean was so taken by the view that, as soon as the job was done, he took his own family for a break in East Devon.

Ladram Bay Holiday Park director Zoe House said: “Everyone here was thrilled to see Sharon’s fabulous painting.”

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