PHOTOS: Sidmouth Black Lives Matter second peaceful protest lifts the lid on ‘normalised racism’

Sidmouth Black Lives Matter protesters gathered for the town’s second silent rally, shining a spotlight on ‘normalised racism’.

The peaceful protesters took to Sidmouth seafront on Saturday, July 25, after concerns were raised there had been incidents of ‘targeted racism’ in the town from residents and visitors.

Organisers of the latest peaceful protest said there was ‘much to do’ to raise awareness of racism in Sidmouth, and change attitudes.

The Sidmouth Black Lives Matter group has almost 300 members, of all ages.

A spokesperson for the group said: “It’s not about black versus white; it’s about everybody versus racism.

“We are alarmed about the seemingly normalised racism and micro-aggressions – a term used to describe subtle acts and words of discrimination – experienced by people living in Sidmouth, as reported in the local media.”

“We are concerned about racism targeted towards toward both black and white people living and working in our town.

“This extends to some working in the NHS, the care and hospitality sector.

“We are aware of white European people who’ve experienced racism in this town, both from locals and visitors.”

Campaigners held banners and signs in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Sidmouth group hopes its campaigning will have a ‘really positive impact’ on the town and community.

Paul Ryder, co-organiser, said: “Following the well-attended event in June and subsequent media reporting, it became evident that there is much to do in bearing witness, learning, raising awareness and challenging racism in our community.

“Comments on social media and letters to local newspapers underline many misunderstandings about the motivations of the Black Lives Matter movement and why we come together for such events.”


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The second Sidmouth Black Lives Matter rally against racism.
Photos: Sidmouth Black Lives Matter.

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