Police warn of cold-callers selling ‘unsafe’ tools from the back of vans in Honiton and East Devon

Police are warning Honiton and East Devon residents of cold callers selling tools and generators from the back of a van.

Devon and Cornwall Police say the items on sale could be unsafe or overpriced and to steer clear of the sales.

Anyone concerned about cold callers in the East Devon and Honiton area is asked to contact the police.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson said: “We have been informed that there may be persons offering generators and tools for sale from the back of a van in the Honiton and East Devon area.

“We advise that you do not buy items from cold callers as the risks are high, the items may be misdescribed, overpriced or unsafe and not meet required safety standards.

“If you wish to buy such items, use reputable businesses who provide paperwork including a legitimate address, and are recommended.”

Call police on 101, or email 101@dc.police.uk

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