Campaign launches to raise £4,000 for lifesaving equipment to reduce drownings at Exeter Quay

Funds are needed to install specialist lifesaving equipment at Exeter Quay that can stop people drowning if they fall into the water.

A Crowdfunder campaign to raise £4,000 has been launched to pay for throwline boards with emergency rescue lines and telescopic rescue poles that can be used by the public in an emergency.

Exeter-based charity SAFE South West, which works to improve community safety, has launched the fundraising campaign with Exeter City Council and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service (DSFRS), in a bid to reduce drownings at the Quay.

The charity said some traders on the Quay have been trained to use emergency throwlines, but the lifesaving help is only there during opening hours.

Steve Smith, from SAFE South West, said: “There has been some great work by Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service to train some of the traders at Exeter Quay to use throwlines in an emergency.

“But after closing, this stops – and the risk of drowning increases.

“The boards and poles can be used twenty-four hours a day by the public to help someone in trouble in the water.

“Every penny raised will go towards this great cause which will really help save lives.”

SAFE South West said each year in the UK 100s of people drown and thousands suffer injuries – some life changing – through near drowning experiences.

The charity said almost half of those who drown had no intention of entering the water, but had been out walking, cycling or on a night out for a meal and a drink.

The new lifesaving equipment, once installed, would  enable anyone in the water to be pulled to safety with the help of a buoyant telescopic pole and throwline.

The charity said: “Sadly Exeter Quay is no exception and there have been a number of drownings and near drownings in the area.”

To donate to the Crowdfunder, see here.

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