Upturned boat seen drifting loose from its moorings is brought to shore by Exmouth RNLI

An upturned drifting boat that had come loose from its mooring was brought ashore by Exmouth RNLI on Saturday morning.

The inshore lifeboat was launched shortly before 6.20am on June 27 after HM Coastguard raised the alert of an upturned vessel near buoy number 10 off Exmouth seafront.

When lifeboat volunteers Robert Thompson, James Edge, Harry Griffin, Henry Mock and David Preece arrived at the scene they found a small tender had come loose and brought it back to the Harbour View slipway.

An RNLI spokesperson said: “On arrival it appeared that the small tender had come loose from its mooring and was running adrift.

“The crew secured the vessel and bought it ashore by the Harbour View slipway in Exmouth.”

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