Only one lab-confirmed Covid-19 case confirmed in East Devon in a fortnight – with five in Exeter

A single lab-confirmed coronavirus case has been recorded in East Devon in the past fortnight – while there have been five in Exeter.

Government statistics, broken down into local authorities and last updated yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, June 23), also indicate the infection rate per 100,000 people in both areas.

Their combined total of six accounts for 100 per cent of new lab-confirmed cases in the Devon County Council area in the last two weeks. This excludes Plymouth and Torbay.

The data shows the total of  lab-confirmed Covid-19 cases in East Devon to date is 142 and the infection rate is 98.4.

This is an increase of one case since Tuesday, June 9.

The district’s total is just 0.04 per cent of the UK overall tally of 306,210 cases.

Nationally, East Devon has the ninth lowest infection rate and 28th lowest number of cases of the 316 local authority areas in the country.

In Exeter, there have been a total of 174 Covid-19 cases and the infection rate is 133.4.

This is an increase of five cases since June 9.

The city has the 29th lowest infection rate and 51st lowest number of cases.

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The total of confirmed cases across Devon County Council area, excluding Plymouth and Torbay – stands at 829. This an increase of six in the last fortnight – all of which are in East Devon and Exeter.

Its infection rate of 104.2 is the fourth-lowest upper tier local authority area in the country.

Elsewhere in the county, there have been 370 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Plymouth (where the infection rate is 140.6 per 100,000 people), 224 in Torbay (165), and 148 in Teignbridge (111.4).

There have been 36 cases in Torridge (52.8), 53 in West Devon (95.4), 82 in the South Hams (95.1), 92 in North Devon (95.7), and 102 in Mid Devon (124.9).

There have been 594 confirmed coronavirus cases in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, with an infection rate of 104.5.

The area with the lowest number of cases in the country is still City of London with 18 (infection rate 206.8), while Birmingham remains the highest with 3,339 (292.5).

Torridge in Devon has the lowest infection rate at 52.8 (36 cases), while the highest is Barrow-in-Furness with 850.5 (571 cases).

Three more Covid-19 deaths recorded in East Devon and Exeter

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