Police warn of disruption as wind turbine convoys leave Exeter from M5 at Sandygate

Convoys carrying wind turbines will leave from the M5 junction at Sandygate, Exeter, on Tuesday and Wednesday, prompting police to warn motorists of disruption.

Police said drivers using the M5 Sandygate junction and A30 westbound can expect possible delays tomorrow, June 16, and the following day, June 17, at around 10am when the wind farm equipment leaves Devon for Cornwall.

Police will be escorting the convoys carrying wind farm parts on both days as they transport the equipment between the two counties.

Tomorrow’s convoy, on Tuesday, June 16, is expected to leave the M5 junction 30 – Sandygate – at around 10am, arriving at Ventonteague, near Zelah, in Cornwall, by 2pm.

Police said three loads in convoy will travel down the M5 to junction 31 where they will join the A30 and travel to Chiverton Cross, and onto the nearby site.

The loads are five metres wide so caution should be taken when passing, police said.

On Wednesday three loads in convoy will be departing the Sandygate M5 junction 30 at around 10am.

They will head for the junction 31 turnoff to join the A30 to Cornwall, where they are expected to arrive at the wind farm site at 3pm.

Police said the lorries will be carrying three loads of 46m-long wind turbine blades in a 200-metre-long convoy.

A police spokesperson said: “It is not a wide load so passing on dual carriageways will be permitted, but there may be slight delays between the A30 at Carland Cross and A30 at Chiverton Cross in both directions as the vehicles enter the site.”

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