Cold-calling ex-cons target homes near Honiton and Axminster prompting police to issue East Devon-wide warning

Cold-calling ex-cons have been knocking on doors of homes near Honiton and Axminster asking residents to buy goods.

Devon and Cornwall Police said in the last 48 hours they have received a number of reports of cold-callers in the Offwell and Chardstock areas of East Devon.

Police said the men calling at homes told residents they had recently been released from prison and were trying to raise money by selling items door-to-door.

Officers yesterday, Wednesday, June 10, received a report that a man knocked on a door in Chardstock at 7pm, offering goods for sale.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman said: “We received reports of one or more males saying they had just been released from prison and were selling items to earn some money.

“A report in the Chardstock area was made yesterday, 10 June, after one such cold-caller visited an address at around 7pm.”

The spokesman added: “There have been a number of reports of cold-callers in the rural East Devon area in the last day or so, particularly around Offwell and Chardstock.

“Not everyone who calls at your door may be a genuine caller, so you should always be on your guard.

“Devon and Cornwall Police advise that you do not let anyone into your property who comes to your door uninvited or without a prior appointment.”

If you see anyone suspicious in your area, contact Devon and Cornwall Police on 101 or email with descriptions of offenders and any vehicle registration.

Police say anyone concerned about cold-callers can see here for more information.

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