The Range asks to sell food, booze and loo roll at its Exmouth store

Retail chain The Range wants to sell frozen, chilled and tinned food, booze, toothpaste and loo roll at its Exmouth store.

Customers could also get their hands on cheese, meat, dairy products, non-alcoholic drinks and household goods like soap at the outlet on Liverton Business Park.

The national home, leisure and garden firm already offers furniture, bedding, toys, hobby and craft items at its 180-plus shops around the country.

CDS Superstores International Ltd has asked East Devon District Council (EDDC) to vary its planning permission to allow the sale of food and drink for consumption off the premises.

The new items would not take up more than 250sq m – just under eight per cent of the Exmouth shop’s overall floor space.

A statement within the application says: “The Range are introducing the sale of a limited percentage of food products, mainly frozen, non-perishable items into their stores.”

It adds that the area used for the sale of food will be comprised of:

  • Freezer cabinets;
  • Two chiller cabinets selling a limited range of perishable items including cheese, meat and dairy products;
  • A range of ambient, non-perishable tinned and packet goods;
  • A small selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages;
  • A limited range of household goods such as soap, loo rolls, toothpaste and similar products.

“Arguably the sale of these goods forms a minor and ancillary part of The Range’s retail operation,” the plans add.

EDDC will decide the fate of the bid.

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