PHOTOS: Fire service issues warning after Exmouth crew tackles two bin blazes caused by disposable barbecues

Firefighters from Exmouth are warning against throwing still-hot disposable barbecues in bins after the crew tackled two such fires on the same day.

Exmouth firefighters on Friday evening, May 29, extinguished two separate bin blazes caused by hot ashes setting rubbish alight.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service (DSFRS) is urging against taking disposable barbecues into the open countryside, or onto the beach.

The fire service said disposable barbecues can stay hot long after the food has been cooked and eaten.

A spokesman for DSFRS said: “It’s great knowing people aren’t leaving hot barbecues on the beach. Just remember they will set fire to the contents of the bins.

“Please make sure the barbecue is fully-extinguished by pouring plenty of water or sand on to it.

“Do not place a disposable barbecue in a rubbish bin until it has cooled down completely.

“Do not bury and leave a barbecue in the sand.”


An earlier bin fire, also on Exmouth seafront, was caused by this disposable barebecue.
Photo: Exmouth Fire Station.


The still-hot barbecue burned through plastic.
Photo: Exmouth Fire Station.


The second bin set alight by a disposable barbecue was also on Exmouth seafront.
Photo: Exmouth Fire Station.


Photo: Exmouth Fire Station

The fire service also urged against using disposable barbecues in the open countryside, in a bid to prevent wildfires.

DSFRS said because of the recent warm and dry weather, there was a ‘significant risk’ of wildfires – fires in the open on moorland, commons, and grass.

Earlier in May, DSFRS attended 244 fires in the open, in one week – in comparison to last year’s maximum of 100 incidents a week.

The DSFRS spokesman added: “Do not take disposable barbecues into the countryside or onto the beach.

“We have seen a large number of wildfires caused by disposable barbecues that have been left behind once someone has finished with them.”

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