PHOTOS: Exmouth firefighters praise driver’s quick actions after car catches fire near Lympstone

Firefighters from Exmouth have praised the actions of the driver of car fully-engulfed in flames on the A376 near Lympstone on Thursday afternoon.

The Exmouth crew said the motorist ‘did exactly the right thing’, quickly pulling over and leaving the vehicle.

The crew also thanked a Devon and Cornwall Police Special Constable for stopping to help, directing traffic while firefighters tackled the blaze.

And waiting motorists travelling along the main route were thanked for their patience by the fire service.


Photo: Ebony Henning.


Photo: Ebony Henning.

An Exmouth fire station spokesperson said: “Crews attended a car fully-engulfed in flames on the A376 near Lympstone.

“The occupant of the car did exactly the right thing by quickly pulling over and leaving the car.

“The fire was quickly extinguished by firefighters using two hose reel jets and breathing apparatus.

“Small tools were used to make the vehicle safe.

“The Highways Agency were requested to attend due to fluids on the road.

The incident was left in the hands of the police.”

The fire service spokesperson added: “Many thanks to the Special Constable who stopped on his way to his duties, for his traffic control – and the patience from all the vehicle users while we dealt with the incident.”


Photo: Exmouth Fire Station.


Photo: Ebony Henning.

Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed the Special Constable was first on the scene of the fire, on the A376 Exmouth Road, near Lympstone, on May 21.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokeswoman said: “An off-duty special constable was the first on the scene of a car fire which occurred on the A376 Exmouth Road near Toby’s Carvery at around 1.40pm, yesterday, Thursday, 21 May.

“He helped direct traffic while the fire service arrived.”

Devon and Cornwall Police said members of the Devon and Cornwall Special Constabulary have given 7,283 hours of support to frontline policing since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown.

If you are interested in a role within the Devon and Cornwall Special Constabulary, recruitment is currently open until May 31. See here for more information.

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