Boat emergency distress alert sparks search of coast by Exmouth RNLI

An emergency distress signal alert thought to have activated accidentally sparked a search of the coast by Exmouth and Teignmouth RNLI.

Exmouth’s all-weather and inshore lifeboats were launched in the afternoon of May 4 at the request of the Coastguard after an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) – kit that allows vessels to be located quickly and accurately in an emergency – was activated in the area.

Finding no one in distress, the lifeboats returned to station after crews searched the River Exe, and coast from Exmouth to Torquay.

An Exmouth RNLI spokesman said: “Following an extensive search by both RNLI lifeboats, no vessel was found in distress and the activation of the beacon is believed to have been accidentally set off on land.”

Exmouth’s all-weather lifeboat and crew searched the coast from Exmouth to Torquay, launching shortly before 5pm.

The Coastguard made a separate request to launch the Exmouth inshore lifeboat, to search the River Exe area.

The Exmouth RNLI spokesman said: “The lifeboats were assisted during the operation by Teignmouth RNLI and an HM Coastguard helicopter.”


The route taken by both RNLI lifeboats.
Photo: Exmouth RNLI.

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