Supermarket giant roots for Sidmouth donkeys during lockdown with carrot donation

Carrots equivalent to the weight of two Labrador dogs have been donated to The Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth by a supermarket giant.

Sidmouth Waitrose, in Stowford Rise, donated 150kg of the vegetables to the animal charity as a treat for the donkeys.

Alex Hill, store deputy branch manager, said: “Waitrose in Sidmouth are delighted to be able to support a wide range of local organisations during this challenging period.

“Having already donated as much food as was required for local groups, we were pleased to be able to continue our longstanding friendship with The Donkey Sanctuary team with this donation.”

Maxine Carter, sanctuary farm manager, said: “We are so thankful for the generous donation from our local Waitrose store. It is a lovely example of how they are supporting those throughout the community.

“The carrots will provide a much-needed treat for our donkeys during this difficult time, and as extra enrichment opportunities.”


Photos: The Donkey Sanctuary

DonkeyThe sanctuary is currently closed to visitors, but staff are continuing to care for the animals.

The donated veg will be given as treats for the 100s of rescued donkeys being cared for at the sanctuary, and hidden in hay as ‘enrichment activities’ to encourage natural behaviour, such as foraging.


Photo: The Donkey Sanctuary.

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