PHOTOS: Exmouth beach clean highlights unseen rubbish left on the coast

An Exmouth beach clean ahead of the lockdown highlighted to helpers the amount of unseen rubbish left on the coast.

Volunteers picked up plastic pellets and beads – known as nurdles – and a host of debris, plus fishing hooks, twine and ‘huge’ amounts of baby wipes.

The event, organised by The Point Bar & Grill Exmouth, attracted almost 50 volunteers of all ages to clean the beach.

There are plans to organise more clean-up events once the lockdown is lifted.

Scott Burgan, who joined the event with volunteers from Plastic Free Exmouth, said the team removed razors, condoms, nurdles, huge volumes of baby wipes, fishing twine, fishing hooks, Lego, scarves, baby muslins and rope.

He said: “We removed bags of stuff and it was overall a very successful event.

“It was good as it opened a lot of people’s eyes to how much there really is on the beach despite – at a distance – not being visible.

“Once you start to look closer you realise how much there is. Also, it got to show people what nurdles were – little beads of plastics essentially – and how many of them there were. I personally picked up thirty-plus in a small 30cm by 30cm area.

“But more importantly it got people involved for the first time, and they actually enjoyed it and learnt a little as well. It got people of all ages down there.”

The beach clean and community dog walk was supported by Plastic Free Exmouth, Bumble and Bee, Poppy’s Paws, Kipsters Homemade Biscuits and the Distinguished Dog Company.

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Photos: Girl Behind The Lens ( )/The Point Bar & Grill

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