Exmouth COVID-19 volunteers delivering shopping to the vulnerable appeal for food shops to take card payments by phone

Shops selling food and groceries in Exmouth are urged by coronavirus support volunteers to register if they can take card payments over the phone.

The appeal for help has been made by Councillor Richard Scott, Devon County Council representative for Exmouth, one of an army of volunteers helping the vulnerable and elderly though the coronavirus crisis.

Exmouth businesses selling food and groceries willing to accept card payment over the phone – for volunteers to collect and deliver the shopping – are asked to contact Cllr Scott with their details.

The aim is to create a comprehensive list of support for those self-isolating.

The hope is those self-isolating in Exmouth can call ahead to a shop accepting over-the-phone payments, order and pay for their shopping, ready for volunteers to collect and deliver.

Cllr Scott said a similar system had been set up successfully in Lympstone and Woodbury.

He said he hoped to contact some shops himself, but urged stores willing to help to email him with their details.

Cllr Scott said “We need businesses that are capable of taking card payments over the phone so volunteers can pick food up for those self-isolating in Exmouth.

“Lympstone and Woodbury have adapted to take card payments so volunteers can pick up a couple of bags of shopping and take it to people in self-isolation.

“Lympstone and Woodbury have only got one shop each. They are doing a great job.

“Exmouth is lot bigger and has many shops. I am going to drive around and see what they can and can’t offer.”

Cllr Richard Scott, Devon County Councillor for Exmouth, earlier this month urged people to ‘think local and small’ when offering help.

He joined Exmouth Town Council in appealing for community support as the virus spreads.

Email Councillor Richard Scott at richard.scott@devon.gov.uk

Groups, individuals or organisations keen to help out during the pandemic, but who are unsure how to proceed, are urged to visit the local Mutual Aid group, set up to bring together volunteers to support those in need in Exmouth during the Covid-19 crisis. See more here.

The local branch of the national Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK group gives expert guidance on how to provide well-coordinated assistance without contributing to the spread of the virus. Find out how you can get involved here.

Devon County Council has a COVID-19 Prompt Action Fund, with grants available of up to £5,000, available to groups and organisations helping communities through the pandemic.

For more information, and to apply, see here.

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