VIDEO: Sidmouth sanctuary donkeys’ fun in the sun and first taste of spring grass

This video shows how the Donkeys at Sidmouth were glad to see the back of the long, wet, winter when they were let out into their summer grazing paddock for the first time this year.

The Donkey Sanctuary has closed its doors to the public during the coronavirus lockdown, but wanted to share the donkeys’ joy at their first taste of spring grass.

Staff who continue to care for the animals behind closed doors said this week’s sunshine proved the perfect time to open the gates to let the herd run free, roll and let off some steam.

Maxine Carter, farm manager at The Donkey Sanctuary, said: “Our donkeys have been restricted to their yards, barns and stables for many weeks, due to the heavy rain and wet ground. But now we can start to let them out in the fresh air and enjoy the summer grazing.

“For as long as the ground and gateways remain dry, we will be letting our donkeys out for an hour a day.
“We will introduce the donkeys to grass gradually and increase the time over the next few weeks, until eventually they have the freedom to choose whether to be inside or out.”

The Donkey Sanctuary The Donkey Sanctuary The Donkey Sanctuary

She added: “We introduce them gradually, as it is much better for their digestive system. “Having been on a high fibre diet of straw, haylage and hay since October, giving them too much grass for long periods of time could bring on all sorts of health problems, such as colic and laminitis.”

The animal sanctuary said it had been ‘working hard’ to make sure the resident donkeys continued to receive the highest level of care during the pandemic lockdown.

For more donkey antics, see the sanctuary’s webcams here.

The Donkey Sanctuary

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