Beer residents rally to help 68-year-old who fell from bike and lay stricken in the rain for nearly an hour-and-a-half

Beer residents came to the aid of a 68-year-old who had been lying stricken in the rain for more than an hour after falling from his bike.  

The pensioner suffered a back injury and was found partly in the road and partly in a hedge at around 3.40pm today (Sunday, March 1).

A group of villagers rushed to his aid. One of the helpers was Beer Coastguard’s station officer – who led efforts to get the injured man off the cold and wet ground.

They sought the help of the National Maritime Operations Centre and managed to get the casualty onto a stretcher while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

A Beer Coastguard spokesperson said: “Our Station officer was among a group of Beer residents assisting a 68-year-old male who had fallen from his bike, injuring his back.

“He had been lying partly in the road and partly in the hedge for 80 minutes, which included a heavy rain shower.

“There was no time given for the ambulance, although they upgraded to emergency response.

“He [the station officer]made the decision a stretcher and more hands were needed to try and get him [the causalty]off the cold and wet ground.

“A call to The National Maritime Operations Centre was made situation explained, and team tasked to help.

“We managed to get an evac stretcher between him and the ground and waited for the ambulance, not wanting to move him too much as he was complaining of mid and lower right-sided back pain.

“Ambulance arrived and we helped to package him ready for his journey to hospital.

“We wish him a speedy recovery.”

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