Cash stolen during distraction burglary in Exeter when two men posed as roof contractors

Cash was stolen from a home in Exeter during a distraction burglary when two men posed as roof contractors.

Devon and Cornwall Police are urging vigilance and not to allow strangers into the home when answering the door to cold callers.

Officers said cash was stolen from a home in St Thomas, Exeter, on Wednesday, February 12, when two men called at a property in Cowick Street, claiming a need to inspect a roof at the rear of the address, saying work had not been completed correctly.

A police spokesperson said: One man followed the occupant through to the rear garden, the other stayed at the door. Whilst the occupant was distracted the other man made a search of rooms and took cash.”

The spokesman added: “Do not allow strangers into your home. Close and lock the door and lead them to the rear via the side of your home.

“If you have had works carried out contact the firm used to confirm who they are.”

Report suspicious callers to police on 999 if they are still in the area. Or on 101 for all other information.

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