Budleigh has pole position for beach awards to fly flag for the town

Wet weather has delayed repairs to new flagpoles for Budleigh Salterton’s seafront and Lime Kiln car park.

The traditional flagpole on the seafront became unusable at the end of last year when metal bolts needed to lower and raise flags sheared off.

The broken seafront flagpole has been replaced and a second pole for Lime Kiln car park, to display beach awards flags, is under construction.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) said all work should be ‘completed shortly’, adding wet weather had hampered repairs.

An EDDC spokeswoman said: “The broken pole on the seafront has now been replaced with a new one, for which we’ve had to make a new base.

“It’s situated close to the old base, which will be broken up, covered in soil and seeded, so that it eventually blends in.

“At the request of our beach safety officer, the second pole will be placed near to Lime Kiln car park. “The base has been laid and, depending on the weather, the pole will be up shortly. This is where we hope to fly any beach award flags.”

She added: “Work on the pole bases has been delayed due to the very wet weather we have been experiencing, which is not helpful when waiting for cement to go off. All the works should be completed shortly.”

The arrival of the new seafront pole was prompted by concerns raised last year when it was unclear if the town could display the Union flag at its Armistice service because the broken pole could not be lowered to swap a St George flag for the UK’s ensign.

East Devon District Council’s StreetScene team came to the town’s rescue in November 2019, supplying a temporary pole to attach the Union flag to fly on Budleigh seafront while the broken post was out of action.

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