PHOTOS & VIDEO: Sidmouth seafront is cordoned off for high tide as Storm Ciara batters East Devon’s coast

Sidmouth seafront was cordoned off to traffic and pedestrians during Sunday evening’s high tide as Storm Ciara’s strong winds caused large waves and heavy sea swell to crash onto the road.

Coastguards moved wave watchers to safety before high tide at around 7.30pm. Police were present and the Esplanade was closed to traffic and pedestrians.

These photos and video, taken by Nicola Rider, show the earlier scene at Sidmouth, when the seafront was cordoned off.


Sidmouth seafront was cordoned off for high tide.
Photos: Nicola Rider

Sidmouth Sidmouth Sidmouth

Beer Coastguard has been patrolling beaches throughout the day between Sidmouth and Lyme Regis.

The team issued an earlier warning to wave watchers, urging people to keep to a safe distance and not to take risks to get photographs.

Writing on social media Beer Coastguard said: “When the waves hit land they will throw up pebbles big and small which could damage property and could cause serious injury to anybody in their path.

“If you get too close, and a wave hits you, it could drag you out to sea, it won’t matter how good a swimmer you are, you will suffer serious injury, or it could even be fatal.

“Please stay a safe distance from the sea. Photos are nice but don’t risk your life for a picture.”

Earlier today, February 9, the Environment Agency (EA) gave out warnings for coastal areas of East Devon, issuing flood alerts for Sunday evening and Monday morning’s high tide.

An EA spokesperson said: “The current forecast conditions, associated with strong winds and large waves from Storm Ciara, could result in wave overtopping of sea defences and localised flooding in exposed coastal locations.

“People are advised to stay away from risk areas and take care next to the coast.”


PHOTOS & VIDEO: Flood alerts and high tide warning as Storm Ciara hits East Devon 


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