Woodbury Common regulars asked to be ears and eyes for police to combat car crime

Handbags and mobile phones are among loot stolen from cars and vans being targeted by thieves on Woodbury Common, say police.

Exmouth police are warning against parking vehicles in isolated spots where thieves can strike without being disturbed.

Inspector Antonia Weeks, at Exmouth, asked regular users of the common to contact police if they spot anyone acting suspiciously near vehicles left in car parks on Woodbury Common.

Devon and Cornwall Police said a number of thefts from cars and vans parked in various locations on Woodbury Common have been reported to officers over the last couple of weeks.

Inspector Weeks said: “Thieves are targeting small but valuable items such as mobile phones or other personal possessions including handbags.

“The common is well used by dog walkers, horse riders and other runners and walkers – most regular users will be able to spot someone who looks suspicious or out of place. If you do then call.”

She urged motorists to make sure parked vehicles were locked before leaving.

Insp. Weeks said: “If you leave your vehicle in a car park try and use a busy one where there are other people about and don’t leave any valuables in the vehicle even out of view – thieves know all the hiding places.”


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