Rising water from overnight rain prompts flood alert for the River Clyst

A flood alert has been issued for areas around the River Clyst because of rising water levels resulting from Saturday’s overnight rain.

The Environment Agency (EA) said ground has become waterlogged after the continuous wet weather and river levels were expected to remain high.

The main area of concern is from Broadclyst to Clyst St Mary.

The EA has advised against walking or driving though standing water, issuing an alert for possible flooding of the River Clyst and its tributaries.

An EA spokesperson said: “Flooding is possible on Sunday. River levels are now rising following overnight rain.

“Catchments have become saturated following many days of heavy rain and we expect levels to remain high throughout Sunday.

“The main area of concern is from Broadclyst to Clyst St Mary.

“Take care near the areas of concern and be aware of your local weather conditions.

“Avoid walking and driving through floodwater.

“We are monitoring river levels and our staff have been checking for and clearing blockages in the area. “


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