PHOTOS & VIDEO: Actor Hugh Grant joins Claire Wright on her campaign trail in Sidmouth

Actor Hugh Grant is in Sidmouth this morning joining Independent parliamentary candidate Claire Wright on her campaign trail.

Thursday’s General Election has prompted the Love Actually and Four Weddings and a Funeral star to become politically active for the first time in his life, promoting tactical voting at the polls to stop a Conservative majority.

This morning, December 9, the film star was on Sidmouth seafront, meeting with Claire Wright’s canvassers and supporters, joining the parliamentary hopeful and her team in door knocking.

The actor is encouraging people to vote tactically at the polls on Thursday, December 12, to stop a Conservative majority.

East Devon is the seventh constituency the actor has targeted during the election campaign.

He has been out campaigning alongside Labour and Liberal Democrat hopefuls, and Beaconsfield Independent prospective candidate, Dominic Grieve.

Speaking earlier this month, the star said: “For the first time in my life, I am getting active politically because I think that the country is on the edge of a true abyss.

“And I think that I need to do whatever modest thing I can do to try and stop that.”

Explaining his decision to join the campaign trail in recent weeks, and persuade people to vote tactically at the polls, Hugh Grant said: “I really think that it is time for everyone, and that includes myself, to sort of get off their a**e and do something because I find the prospect of a Boris Johnson-led government with a working majority truly terrifying.

“He has his so-called deal. His oven-ready deal to ‘get Brexit done’ and of course that is bo*****s.

“There is no way we can make a new free trade deal with the EU in the short time left of the transitional government, one year, or less that one year, so that means we will go out with no-deal, so that means, total catastrophe for the country.

“You know, hundreds of thousands of job losses, the end of manufacturing industry, the end of peace in Northern Ireland, terrible damage to our security, to our standing in the world, and a myriad of other things, food shortages, medicine shortages, a proper catastrophe and that’s what’s coming.”

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