Bowling: Impressive win for Honiton Ladies in Mason National Competition

Winning on both rinks, the ladies of Honiton Bowling Club had a fantastic win in the Mason National Competition against Isca A  with the final score Honiton A 42  – Isca A 28.  
Y Williams, C Armitage, C Barradell, D Morley (23 – 12) ( at Isca ).
L Carless, J Mitchell, D Hawkins, H Chambers  ( 19 – 16) ( at Honiton )
In the County Ladies’ Lane match, Honiton played Madeira this week.  Honiton lost ( 61 – 85 ). Top rink for Honiton: B Hallowes, D Courtney, S Kenny (24 – 12).
The Ladies’ County Foxlands match saw Honiton play Torbay. Honiton lost (64 – 94).
Top rink:  C Barradale, L Hurley – Smith, M Vessy, D Morley (25 – 12).
Further information about indoor bowls in Honiton is available here.

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