Firefighters rescue 18-month-old child accidentally locked inside a car in Sidmouth

A toddler accidentally locked in a car in Woolbrook Road was rescued by Sidmouth firefighters.

The crew decided to break the rear window of the car when rescuing the 18-month-old child, after it was decided quick access was needed.

The rescue, on Tuesday, December 3, prompted firefighters to remind motorists to keep keys nearby and be aware some vehicles automatically lock when doors are closed.

The fire service said it would force entry to property if crews thought it required – such as a distressed child, or a youngster playing with keys in the driver’s seat.

A Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue spokesman said: “We decided access was needed quickly so a rear window was broken.

“All precautions and glass management procedures were used to make sure no one was at risk from injury, and glass was cleaned up from in the car.”

The spokesman added: “We would advise that keys are kept in your pocket at all times and that you have a spare key at home or somewhere safe.

“If you have children and pets in the vehicle make sure they are securely strapped in with age and size appropriate seats.

“We will try our best to get in without causing damage but if we think it necessary, we will force entry.”


Sidmouth firefighters broke a rear window to access the vehicle quickly to rescue the 18-month-old child.
Photos: with permission.


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