Micro pub approved for office at Axminster Railway Station

Conditional planning approval has been granted for the change of use of office space at Axminster Railway Station to a micro pub.

The application was supported by Axminster Town Council, which sought more information about toilet provision.

An East Devon District Council delegated planning report concluded: “Whilst the employment provision at the site would be likely to be reduced through the change of use, some degree of employment would remain and in addition the proposed use would help to support community gathering and community safety in the area.

“It would be unlikely to have a harmful impact on local amenity or highway safety and, whilst not located within the town centre, is within an edge of centre area.

“Its use is small scale and its location facilitates the use of sustainable transport modes, such that it is not likely to affect town centre viability and vitality or to generate a significant need to travel by private car.”

Opening hours were granted for 11am to 11pm, except on Sundays when the permitted hours are 11am to 10pm.

The application was submitted by Gordon Heggs.

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