Exmouth RNLI reiterates moorings warning after crew endures difficult conditions to save another drifting boat

Just days after boat owners were urged to check their moorings, Exmouth’s volunteer lifeboat crew has endured difficult conditions to deal with another drifting vessel.

Exmouth RNLI was asked by HM Coastguard to launch at 8.45am today (November 26).

Inshore lifeboat George Bearman II was launched just 10 minutes later to deal with a River Exe incident just off Lympstone village.

Henry Mock was at the helm with crew members, Guy Munnings and Steve Satchell.

Exmouth RNLI says: “Weather conditions were raining, with high winds and difficult seas. The vessel was soon located adrift in the river, placed on tow and secured at a place of safety nearby. No casualties were reported.”

Mr Mock said: “This is the second shout we’ve had to a vessel that had come loose from it’s mooring in the last few days. They can present a real danger to water users.

“I can only reiterate the importance of ensuring that owners must make sure that their boats are securely tied at all times but especially during high winds and stormy weather.”

‘Check your mooring’ warning after Exmouth RNLI crew tackle hazardous seas to recover drifting boat

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