Exmouth seafront development exhibition of survey results ignites public interest

There was a steady stream of interest at a public drop-in session in Exmouth today, Wednesday, ahead of Hemingway Design revealing how residents have shaped the final phase of seafront development.

An evening public exhibition and presentation tomorrow, Thursday, November 14, will highlight how the outcomes of the survey, held in 2018, helped the seafront design team form ideas for the Queen’s Drive site.

Hemingway Design with East Devon District Council (EDDC) will hold a public exhibition and presentation at the Ocean Suite, on Thursday, November 14, from 5.30pm until 7.30pm.

Today’s drop-in event gave the public the chance to learn the results of last year’s survey.


The Hemingway Design public exhibition held the Ocean Suite.

Exhibition boards showed a timeline of the consultation and planning.

The design team asked if an ‘informative’ map, highlighting key attractions and activities, encompassing the Maer, new Sideshore watersports centre, the tennis and cricket clubs, Ocean and The Pavilion, could ‘allow the area to be considered a visitor destination in its own right?’.

Survey findings showed what the public wanted from a regenerated Queen’s Drive.

Some 68 per cent called to maximise the site’s natural assets; 67 per cent wanted ‘more attractive places’ for all ages to spend leisure time together; 52 per cent asked to ‘re-energise’ the waterfront with activities all year round; 46 per cent wanted a place where the young could work, live and stay in the area; 43 per cent said boost investment in town and use the site to showcase Exmouth; 42 per cent said to keep existing sport clubs; 42 per cent called for more development, investment and town unity; 41 per cent said boost tourism.

In response to what could be done to encourage new visitors to Exmouth – to stay longer and spend more money – public comments included more leisure options for children; all-weather activities; better walking and cycling routes; easier access into town and better accommodation.

Ideas put forward by the public, responding to what could compliment the Queen’s Drive regeneration, included undercover children’s play spaces that connect with the beach, places to eat and drink, seating with estuary views, beach games sports court, an obstacle course, outdoor performances and live music.

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