Public meeting to discuss how Honiton can tackle the climate emergency

Honiton Town Council is encouraging residents and business owners to turn out in force to learn more about the climate emergency and what can be done to tackle it.

It is hosting a public meeting next week and organisers are calling for ‘maximum participation’. The event could be the springboard for a proposed Climate Action Working Group, which would seek to make Honiton carbon neutral by 2030.

The meeting will be led by Councillor James Wyatt, Councillor Michelle Pollington and Councillor Caroline Kolek.

It will outline current climate initiatives in Devon and ask the public what environmental issues concern them most – and what solutions should be implemented.

A short presentation about climate change will be given at the start of the meeting. It will be followed by group discussions and, the council hopes, the setting up of an action group and agreement on its terms of reference and next steps.

Councillors have already agreed that they would like to see Honiton carbon neutral by 2030 and the public meeting is the first step towards achieving this.

Representatives of local organisations, as well as residents and businesses, are urged to attend.

The public meeting is being staged at The Beehive on Tuesday, November 19 at 7pm.

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