County competitions played by Honiton Bowling Club members

Honiton Ladies played two County competitions this week. In the Ladies’ Foxlands County match Honiton gained 8 points against Kingsley, 94 – 66.
The competition is played on a two weekly basis and get points out of 10. Two rink play at home and two away, and are awarded  2 points for every rink won and 2 points for an overall win.  The 94 – 66 is the total of all the bowls that count on each end.
Top rink: B Maymard, A Hillyear, J Sherwood, Y Rayner (29 – 7).
And in the Ladies’ County Lanes match Honiton and North Devon drew (70 – 70) with both gaining 5 points each.  Top rink: J Baker, J Broom, L Hurley Smith. (24 – 11).
Three Mixed Friendly matches were played at Honiton this week. The first was a Triples match against Axminster who narrowly won (62 – 58).
Top rink for Honiton: J Granger, G Osborne,  J Smith  (19 – 9).
Honiton had a resounding win (80 – 45) in the second Mixed Friendly Triples match when the Nomads visited Honiton. Top rink: M Critchley, T Linsdell, H Chambers  (25 – 12).
The last Mixed Friendly match was against Exonia at home Honiton winning (78 – 74)
Top rink: R Chapple, B Cann, D Broughton, G Osborne ( 29 – 13). 
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