Union Jack is back flying on Budleigh Salterton seafront after faulty pole is fixed

The Union Jack flag is flying proudly on Budleigh Salterton seafront –  in time for Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day –  after district council workers came to the town’s rescue.  

StreetScene staff acted fast after concerns were raised that a broken pole could scupper the tradition –  part of community’s efforts to honour servicemen and women every November.

Sheared-off bolts meant that the structure could not be lowered to swap a St George flag for the UK’s ensign.

An East Devon District Council spokeswoman said this afternoon (Thursday): “We’re happy to say that our StreetScene team was able to drop the temporary pole and attach the Union Jack flag, which is now flying proudly on Budleigh seafront.

“However, a new flag pole has arrived and should be in place in time for Remembrance Sunday. The war memorial has also been repaired after being damaged by a vehicle.”

Union Jack flag on Budleigh Salterton seafront

Union Jack flag on Budleigh Salterton seafront. Picture: EDDC

A meeting of Budleigh Salterton Town Council on Monday heard fears that the Union Jack flag could be absent from this year’s Armistice s because the broken pole could not be lowered.

An EDDC spokeswoman had said yesterday (Wednesday): “While the flagpole has been fixed temporarily, it is essentially out of commission which is very unfortunate.

“A new flagpole has been ordered but we do not have a confirmed delivery date.

“The council is exploring alternatives for a nearby flagpole to be used instead for the raising and lowering of the flag at the Armistice service.”

Budleigh Town Council clerk Jo Vanstone said metal bolts securing the flagpole to the ground had sheared off, preventing the flagpole from being lowered or raised.

She said a temporary fix had allowed the town to display the flag of Saint George but if the flagpole was lowered to swap flags, it may not raise again.

Mrs Vanstone said: “Once they take it down, they may not be able to get it back up again.

“It’s bolted to the ground and it folds down. A couple of the bolts have sheared off so we are waiting for a replacement.”

Budleigh town council also said it hoped a damaged post on the town’s war memorial, at the junction of Coastguard Road and Marine Parade, could be repaired before Remembrance Sunday.

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