OPINION: potholes promise and parking poser for Councillor Jeff

Jeff Trail, a Devon County Councillor for Exmouth division, has been working to tackle potholes and reduce parking restrictions around the town and surrounding villages.

Here, he shares an update on the work he and Councillor Richard Scott have been tackling on behalf of residents.

Cllr Trail writes:

“During the last county council elections Cllr Richard Scott and I, whilst campaigning, were informed by the majority of residents we spoke to that their main issues throughout the ward was car parking and highways issues.

“I am pleased to report that the majority of potholes reported were repaired and we are keeping an eye on the situation on a daily basis.

“We have also successfully instigated sixty six Traffic Restriction Orders to date.

“It is intended, soon, to carry out a survey of areas where traffic restriction (double lines) are now not required.

“Residents are requested to contact Richard or myself should they know of any such areas.

“Following many requests some residents in Exmouth have received a consultation envelope regarding residential parking.

“It is requested that the document be read fully before responding. All comments will be read and the result will be formally published on completion.

“An issue within the town and surrounding areas which is causing damage to pavements and possible harm to residents is individuals parking vehicles upon them.

“The repair of each broken slab is costly which the tax payer is picking up.

“These funds could be used for other more needed services.

“Cllr Scott and I feel so strongly about this and have arranged an appointment with the Transport Minister at Westminster to request a total ban of pavement parking nationally.


Cllr Trail has been working with Cllr Scott, pictured, to tackle parking problems in the area.

“At the request of the Exe Estuary Management Partnership and port user groups a new Harbour Master Mr Graham Forshaw MBE has been appointment through Exeter City Council.

“The new master will be responsible for the management of the Exe Estuary and the enforcement of The Maritime Code of Conduct. This post had been vacant for over seven years and is a much-needed service to protect the Exe, user groups and visitors.

“I welcome the master to Exmouth and the contribution he and his crew will bring to the area.”

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