Council proposing to surrender lease of Allhallows Playing Field to Honiton Rugby Club

East Devon District Council is proposing to surrender the lease of Allhallows Playing Field to Honiton Rugby Club – something the town council feels needs debating.

It has put the matter on the agenda for an extraordinary meeting, due to take place next week.

The rugby club currently leases Allhallows Playing Field from the district authority.

A report, due to be considered by town councillors, states: “It was brought to the attention of Honiton Town Council that East Devon District Council (EDDC) were proposing to surrender the current lease which has a remaining term of just under eight years and simultaneously grant the rugby club a new 50 year lease which will give the rugby club exclusive use and possession of the rugby pitches as marked on the attached plan. (See image)

“In order to proceed with this proposal, EDDC have published Statutory Notices under S123 of the Local Government Act 1972 .

“They have had to do so as the land is classed as a public open space. As required by law, EDDC have to consider any objections raised by the public before completing the proposed lease and the Statutory Notice states that any objections to the disposal should be made in writing to EDDC no later than 8th November 2019.

“Over the last three days numerous attempts have been made to obtain further information about the proposal from EDDC. However, despite sending emails and leaving numerous telephone messages, it has not been possible to speak to anyone at EDDC regarding the proposal.

Honiton Rugby Club have also been approached for a comment but as yet have not responded.”

Allhallows: ‘further enquiries’

The report into the Allhallows Playing Field lease continues: “The Deputy Clerk will continue to make further enquiries regarding the proposal. Any additional information obtained will be provided to councillors either prior to the meeting on Monday by email or verbally at the meeting.”

The meeting is taking place at The Beehive at 7pm on Monday, October 28. There will be an opportunity for the public to speak before councillors discuss the topic.

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