Revealed: The personal injury compensation claims that have cost East Devon District Council £60,000

East Devon District Council (EDDC) has had to fork out more than £60,000 in personal injury claims in the last five years.

A golfer who took a tumble on the eighth tee and a skateboarder who fell on a park ramp were among six claimants to receive four-figure sums.

People who slipped on water, a mossy path, and a chain that could not be seen in the dark were also compensated by the authority.

A council worker even took their employer to task after being toppled by an uneven step during a fire drill.

The £60,192.98 EDDC has paid out in successful personal injury claims includes:

  • £19,840 to someone who slipped on water in the lobby area of a council property;
  • £19,665 to a skateboarder who fell on a park ramp and injured their face, mouth and teeth;
  • £10,799 to a claimant who fell on a mossy tarmac path;
  • £4,236 to someone who tripped over a chain tha wasn’t visible in the dark;
  • £3,904 to a council employee who took a tumble on an uneven, slippery step during a fire drill;
  • £1,748.47 to someone who slipped on leaking water on the eight tee at a golf course.

EDDC has confirmed that, as a result of the injury sustained during the fire drill, actions have been taken.

The council says that now, before practice drills, the external escape route should be checked for hazards and times of day are varied to allow any overnight frost or ice to thaw.

Drills could even be moved to spring and autumn to avoid potentially extreme weather, and first-aiders are to be issued with green tabards to wear during emergencies.

Exeter City Council paid out £266,725.90 across 17 successful claims in the last five years.

The highest claim was for £45,996.25 as a result of a surface defect on the footway of a highway.

Other claims resulted from a defective premises in the leisure and recreation department, injuries as a result of manual handling, and water leaks at a property.

Devon County Council revealed 1,033 claims for personal injury have been made in the last five years – 127 were successful.

However, the council claimed it was unable to provide any specific information relating to claim values that could identify injuries – and therefore the claimant.

Councils across Devon have paid out £574,431.14 in the last five years in personal injury compensation claims.

Freedom of Information Requests to Devon County Council, Torbay Council, and the eight district councils asked for information about personal injury compensation claims.

The request asked for how many were successful and the largest amount claimed and what it was for.

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