Exmouth carnival IS ON! – ‘Bring your coat and brolly but please come and support us’

Pack your coat and brolly – Exmouth carnival will go ahead on Saturday, October 12, even if it rains.

Carnival organisers have taken steps to assure the town the procession will go ahead at 7.30pm despite rain being forecast.

The Met Office gives a 95 per cent chance of rain over Exmouth on Saturday evening, clashing with the carnival parade.

Exmouth carnival organisers said they have ‘put an order in for dry weather, but bring a coat. Just in case’.

An official message to Exmouth carnival fans posted on social media on Friday, said: “As we are all aware the weather forecast is giving out rain tomorrow.

“However, it is only rain and not high winds or anything else so we are continuing to run the carnival this year.

“May I ask everyone to dress sensibly and bring a coat or brolly, but please come and support us.”

With the parade just hours away, the carnival team has been busy checking everything is in place in readiness for the fun to begin.

The team said ‘it’s been hard work, but well and truly worth it – we will be glad when it all comes together on Saturday’.

Exmouth Carnival Club’s Facebook post

Exmouth’s 2019 carnival had been in doubt until Brixington man Gavin Roberts, 42, teamed up with Devon County Council officers to make the event happen.

‘Insufficient’ road closure applications received by Devon County Council meant earlier attempts to hold Exmouth carnival were refused.

When carnival fan Gavin, of Cheriswod Avenue, learned Exmouth would be without its parade this year, he stepped in and organised the event, working closely with county council officers to complete the correct paperwork in time.

Devon County Councillor Richard Scott said highways officers stepped in to help Exmouth turn around its carnival disappointment, guiding Gavin and pushing through required paperwork.

At the end of last month Gavin announced to Exmouth the town’s carnival would go ahead.

Exmouth’s 2019 illuminated carnival, on Saturday, October 12, leaves Marine Way at 7.30pm.

It follows the route, Exeter Road, The Parade, Imperial Road, ending back at Marine Way.

Parade route traffic restrictions, road closures and diversions, will be in place from 4pm onwards on carnival day.

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