Sidmouth College students’ pedal power will build classrooms in Kenya

A cycle challenge by Sidmouth College students is under way to help build classrooms for children in Africa.

Toby Wells, Sam Harris, Jacob Green and George Anning at the weekend cycled the Coast to Coast route from Barnstaple to Plymouth to raise funds to finance a trip to Kenya where they will help build classrooms for village children.

The students each need to raise £4,320 – a total of around £17,000 – so they can volunteer with Camps International once they finish their GCSEs in 2021.

The four lads this week started their challenge with a two-day 80-mile cycle from north to south Devon.

They each plan to ride a further 1,000 miles by Christmas 2020 and have vowed to ‘stop begging’ their parents for lifts.

The students have set up a JustGiving page in the hope people will support their venture with donations.

They say the trip, supported by Sidmouth College, will ‘make a difference’ to children and wildlife in Kenya.

When the teenagers finish their GCSEs in 2021, they will join UK organisation Camps International and spend a month with its schools’ expedition team in Southern Kenya.

The students said: “In Kenya we’ll help build classrooms for village children, enable local communities to gain access to clean water and also work on projects to protect endangered wildlife.”

They boys added: “Village communities in southern Kenya have very few of the things we take for granted here in the UK.

“They often cannot provide proper education for children or even access to clean water. Local wildlife is also endangered.

“We four boys from Sidmouth College, as well as other students from school, have the opportunity to make a difference.”

The students’ fundraising page can be found here.

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