Invitation to rid your road of parking restrictions in Exmouth, Budleigh, Lympstone, Woodbury and Exton

Ridding roads of double yellow lines from problem parking areas in Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton and the surrounding villages has been put in the hands of residents.

County councillors for Exmouth, Richard Scott and Jeff Trail, are aiming to free up parking in Exmouth, Budleigh, Lympstone, Woodbury, Woodbury Salterton and Exton by asking residents to identify problem parking restrictions – double yellow lines and loading bays – to amend.

The councillors want to improve parking in the area by removing restrictions no longer needed, or deemed excessive.

Cllr Scott and Cllr Trail are keen to hear suggestions where restrictions can be shortened or lifted.

This can include shortening yellow lines near junctions, or moving them to a different spot.

Cllr Scott is inviting residents in all Exmouth Rural and Exmouth Coastal wards – Exmouth, Budleigh, Lympstone, Woodbury, Woodbury Salterton and Exton – to feedback traffic restrictions they would like to see removed, changed, shortened or improved.

He said circumstances change overtime and the restrictions may no longer be appropriate.

Cllr Scott said he and Cllr Trail recognised the need to free up parking spaces around the division.

Cllr Scott said: “I am asking residents to identify, on the street where they park or in the area where they live or work, if the restrictions can be lifted or shortened.

“For example, if there are double yellows, the reality is the restriction could be 8am until 6pm, but it could be made into single yellow lines to allow people to park in the evening.

“Or it could be removing a loading bay where a business no longer exists.

“Each year we get asked by residents to restrict parking. All we ever do is make life extremely difficult for people.

“We want the restrictions to be sensible and proportionate where required. We also want people to be able to park.

“We are trying to take a bit consideration rather than saying ‘you can’t park anywhere’

“We are asking people to feedback to us where they think we can remove, reduce or amend parking restrictions.”

The councillors said they expected to receive most feedback about double or single yellow lines.

They said some restrictions in Exmouth were necessary in reducing traffic speed, such as in Hulham Road, and others helped maintain smooth traffic flow and pedestrian safety, such as on The Parade and in Rolle Street.


Cllr Scott and Cllr Trail are keen to hear suggestions where restrictions can be shortened or lifted.
Photo: EDN

Cllr Scott said he accepted the move may only free up a few spaces across the areas.

He said: “Jeff and I are acutely aware that in parts of the division parking is a real issue and concern.

“We would like to hear from residents about where they think restrictions could be changed to free up parking and make it easier to park.

“We are asked every year to put in more restrictions, to accommodate this we would also like to remove restrictions where they serve no purpose.”

To feedback your views to the councillors, email and

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