Police vow to crack down on speeding on busy road as new 40mph limit is introduced

Police have vowed to crack down on motorists who defy the new speed limit on a busy East Devon road.

Officers have been carrying out checks on Seaton Down Hill and say they will ramp up their enforcement of the freshly-designated 40mph zone during October.

Sergeant Andy Squires, Seaton neighbourhood policing team leader, said speed checks at varying times of day were carried out in September.

He added that these were ‘on an educational-only basis initially’ to allow drivers to get used to the new limit.

Sgt Squires said officers will now ‘start to enforce the limit and offenders will be reported’.

He added: “Speeding is a major contributory factor in serious and fatal road traffic collisions, particularly in East Devon, and we are grateful to the Community Speedwatch volunteers for their contribution in trying to keep our roads safe and reduce injury.”

County and town councillor Martin Shaw said the reduced limit aims to address complaints over cars entering the 30mph area down Seaton Down Hill at excessive speeds.

He added that there had also been a number of collisions and near misses at the Tower junction on the A3052.

Councillor Shaw said on Facebook: “Fortunately no-one has been killed or seriously injured, but we have responded to the concerns of residents – and the consistent speeding registered by the speedwatch team lower down – by pressing for this change.

“Like the police we are well aware of speeding in other areas of the town, including Harepath Road, Barnards Hill Lane, Castle Hill/Seafield Road, Royal Observer Way and Scalwell Lane to name a few that have been brought to my attention.

“At its next meeting, the town council will consider my proposal to begin preparing a plan – which in due course will be consulted on with the community – to reduce speeds on most residential streets to 20mph.

“While enabling motorists to travel at reasonable speeds in and out of the town, we want to encourage walking and cycling and create a situation in which pedestrians and cyclists feel more confident about using our streets.”

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