River Axe back on flood alert as East Devon is battered with more wind and rain

Low lying land and roads near the River Axe in the Axminster area could flood at any time over the next few days, the Environment Agency has warned.

It has put the area back on flood alert, although immediate action will only be required if and when a flood warning is issued.

For now, residents and motorists are being advised to stay prepared.

The Agency said: “Flooding is possible from this evening through to Tuesday morning. Heavy rainfall is expected from this afternoon into this evening.

“Further rainfall is expected over the next couple of days so river levels are expected to remain high throughout this period. Current forecasts suggest that there could be flooding to low lying land and roads close to rivers.

“Take care near the areas of concern and monitor your local weather conditions. We are constantly monitoring river levels and the potential for flood warnings. We have staff in the area checking for and clearing blockages.”

Elsewhere in Devon, there are 16 flood warnings in place which require immediate action and a further 18 flood alerts.

Those near the River Axe alert area in and around Axminster are being encouraged to prepare a bag that includes medicines and insurance documents. They are also being told to check flood warnings.

If you need information on what to do in a flood, click here.

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