Seaton joins Totally Locally Fiver Fest to bring shoppers back into the town centre

Independent businesses in Seaton are encouraging local shoppers to come back into the town centre for the national Totally Locally Fiver Fest. 

They have signed up the economy-boosting initiative to show off all the positive things that their town centre has to offer.

More than 40 other towns across the country will also be taking part.

The event will run from October 5 to 12, and the theme is bound to be a big draw – £5 promotional offers!

Shops, cafés, restaurants, pubs, and other businesses taking part are putting on special £5 deals for the duration of the Fiver Fest campaign.

Posters will be going up around town and online promoting all of the Fiver offers available.

Seaton businessman Marc Smith said:“The last National Fiver Fest was a huge success, with 41 towns and thousands of independent shops getting involved, and this time even more are joining in.

“We decided to join in with those other towns across the UK that ran the Fiver Fest last June, as it seems such a great idea for Seaton

“We’re joining in with the Totally Locally Fiver Fest to introduce some great bargains for local shoppers, but also to showcase the town and the great shops and businesses we have here, and show how important independent High Streets are to our communities and towns.”

The Fiver Fest promotes the main Totally Locally message: “If every adult in Seaton spent just £5 a week with their local independent shops and businesses instead of online or at the big supermarkets or chain stores it would be worth £1.6 million going directly into our local economy.”

Fiver Fest

Marc points out: ““On average each independent business has around 12 local suppliers who are also often independent, family run businesses. So that £5 spent is re-spent locally as well, further helping the town. And the beauty of spending £5 is that it’s easy, guilt free and pretty much anyone can do it. Tiny actions like this can make a huge impact when lots of people vote with their feet!“

The Fiver Fest is part of the award-winning Totally Locally Town Kit – a completely free marketing campaign for towns to use which has been hugely successful in helping towns to buck the trend of declining high streets.


Chris Sands, founder of Totally Locally, said “Independent businesses are the lifeblood of our High Streets and town centres, run by incredibly passionate and knowledgeable people, often pouring their life savings into their businesses.

“Everyone is aware of the challenges our High Streets are facing and, so far, there has been a lot of talk but no real actions. Totally Locally towns have run many Fiver Fest individually with great success, so we decided to coordinate a National Fiver Fest to spread the word about our £5 message and get people back into our town centre’s and supporting their high street.”

“Since we created The Totally Locally Town Kit and campaign, towns involved have gone on to win the High Street of The Year competition and other awards for turning their towns around, the number of empty shops in their town reduced, created brand new markets and events. But, most of all, the businesses in the towns have started to work together to promote their town and each other, which is the easiest way to bring life back to the High Street.”

Sharing ideas

Mr Sands added; “Collaborating, sharing ideas and marketing each other’s businesses sounds simple but it is quite an alien concept to a lot of retailers. Once towns start to work this way it has a massive benefit to residents, businesses and the surrounding supply chain, making the towns a better place to live and work, with better facilities and employment.”

Run a business in Seaton and want to get involved in the Fiver Fest? Email or call Marc Smith on 07881 388507.

Alternatively, click here.

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