Exeter named as one of UK’s top city centres in national report

A national report has highlighted Exeter as one of the top locations in the UK for its city centre amenities.

The influential Centre for Cities has examined how places across the country are considering their offer to consumers.

This includes museums, cultural offerings and leisure facilities, as well as shops, cafes, bars and other attractions

Exeter has been ranked eighth in the UK for day-to-day amenities per 10,000 people.

City council leader Phil Bialyk welcomed the findings of the report and said: “We have worked hard to ensure that the city centre is an attractive place for everyone who lives, works in or visits the city, and I am delighted that this hard work has been recognised in a national report.

“We have invested heavily in the city centre to ensure that it remains sustainable in the future. It has been a top priority.

“This report officially recognises what we already know, that Exeter is one of the best places to live in the country.”

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