VIDEO: The moment a deer rescued from Honiton compound is released back into the wild

A deer, rescued after being trapped for weeks inside an old industrial compound in Ottery Moor Lane, Honiton, has been released back into the wild. It can hardly believe its luck – as this video shows.

RSPCA animal collection officer Clara Scully was one of the team that helped to rescue the deer. She says, the compound was surrounded by high fencing.

“On my first visit, I thought there was an area he could get out from so I advised putting food in one area that might have led to his exit. I didn’t hear for a few weeks so thought he had gone,” she said.

“We then had a call again from the building site manager saying the deer was still there and had no way out.

“They were looking to demolish the two remaining buildings within the next month or so and were worried for his welfare.

“We went again and tried to safely confine the deer but the area was too large and the deer was getting stressed so the only option was obtaining a licence to humanely tranquiise him before releasing.”

Clara added: “I’d arranged with the farmer for him to be released in nearby farmland and it was lovely to see him regain consciousness before moving off freely across the fields where he belongs.”

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