Thousands of appointments missed at Honiton Surgery last year

Last month 211 people failed to turn up for appointments at Honiton Surgery, prompting the practice to remind patients to use its cancellation service.

However, statistics for last year show around 10 per cent of all appointments were missed.

The surgery told East Devon that, in total, 2,836 appointments were missed in 2018.

It stressed the picture is improving – thanks to the introduction of a new booking system .

“The situation used to be worse and, in fact, it was so bad that we have had to change our booking system so that most of the appointments we offer are booked on the same day,” the surgery said.

“This reduces, but does not eliminate, non-attendances. We commonly hear complaints from patients about the length of time they have to wait for an appointment and obviously this could be reduced if those missed appointments were able to be reallocated.”

Cancel unwanted appointments at Honiton Surgery

Patients are reminded to use the cancellation service to ensure all those who need to see a doctor don’t have to wait longer than necessary.

The surgery says: “If you can’t come, cancelling is much better than just not turning up.

“Most patients receive a text reminding them of their upcoming appointment. Patients can cancel this with a simple reply of ‘CANCEL’ . You can also cancel by telephone and using online services.”

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