How would you like to see Honiton town centre improved?

Honiton Town Council is looking for ways to improve the town centre – and wants to hear your ideas.

The Town Development Committee meets next week and its chairman is inviting you to share your views.

Councillor Duncan Sheridan-Shaw said the committee takes its lead from the community.

“We are always looking for ways to develop and improve out town,” he said.

“We can come up with many ideas but, as always, it’s up to the community to direct us in what they would like.”

He continued: “I would personally like to know what Honiton’s residents would like to see in their High Street and to see if these ideas are something we can work on, or are they ideas that need a larger body to investigate.

“Our town deserves to see its councillors out and about, interacting and gaining advice and understanding.”

Fancy yourself as a budding Mary Portas, or have an idea nobody else has come up with? Honiton councillors will consider your views for the town centre.

Put your ideas in writing – email Cllr Sheridan-Shaw at

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