FLOODING: Town councill calls for work on new drain to be completed ‘as a matter of urgency’

Ottery St Mary Town Council is urging South West Water to complete work on a new surface water drain ‘as a matter of urgency’ following flash flooding yesterday.

It says the drain is necessary to make flooding in Victoria Terrace ‘a thing of the past’.

Councillor Roger Giles, the Mayor, told East Devon News.co.uk: “Very regrettably there has been a long history of flooding in Ottery.

“Residents of Victoria Terrace have suffered  the misery of flooding on many occasions. Once again, after heavy rainfall, Victoria Terrace residents have had filthy water entering their homes.”

Cllr Giles pointed out: “Ottery St Mary Town Council’s priority, for a very long time, has been to prevent the terrible effects of flooding in Ottery, and elsewhere in the parish.

“The Town Council has worked closely with other bodies towards ensuring that residents at risk of flooding no longer have to worry about this threat.

“The Town Council urges South West Water to complete the construction of a new surface water drain as a matter of urgency in order that flooding of Victoria Terrace will soon be a thing of the past.”

Earlier today (September 10) South West Water said it was continuing to work on diverting a section of pipework blocked by a ‘third party’.

A spokesman said: “Since 23 August South West Water has been working on the sewer network in Ottery St Mary to divert a section of the pipe that was blocked by a third party.

“Regretfully yesterday’s unusually heavy rainfall occurred before the new section of pipe had been completed. This may have contributed to the flooding on the roads in the immediate vicinity.”

The water company added: “We will continue the repairs as a matter of urgency.”

OTTERY FLASH FLOOD: Sewer blocked by ‘third party’ says South West Water

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