‘I’d rather leave the EU with a deal’ – MP Hugo Swire

East Devon MP Hugo Swire has issued a statement, explaining his position on Brexit – following historic events over the leave process in Parliament this week.

The statement says: “Following the motion earlier this week by MPs to seize control of the parliamentary agenda,  I voted against Corbyn’s bizarre bill to further delay Brexit by any extension Brussels is minded to give us.

“Parliament delayed in March, delayed in April and now opposition parties want to delay again for absolutely no clear purpose.

“I want to make it clear once more that I would rather leave the EU with a deal. The terms of the existing Withdrawal Agreement in its current form are, however, unacceptable to Parliament. MPs have rejected it on three occasions.

“Now, rather than support efforts to find a solution, these MPs want yet another extension and to remove a key bargaining chip in these negotiations.

Leave indecision ‘cannot be allowed to continue’

“The indecision of the last three years and the repeated failure to deliver on the referendum result cannot be allowed to continue.

“At its heart, the British people should expect politicians to respect and deliver on their democratic vote.

“I have consistently voted in Parliament to get us out of the EU, to respect the Referendum result – the largest democratic mandate in history – as well as keep all options on the negotiating table.

“The Lib Dems and others have tried to re-run arguments from the Referendum campaign over the past three years. When push comes to shove, they couldn’t even back our offer of a General Election.

“Since becoming Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has pledged more investment for our frontline NHS services, more police on our streets to tackle violent crime and more funding for East Devon’s schools to ensure every child has an excellent education, regardless of where they live. We want to get Brexit done so we can get our country back on the road to a brighter future.

“We now need to move forward as a country. We need to deliver on Brexit, and we need a general election to get through the current unsustainable impasse.”

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