Speedwatch volunteers wanted for new initiative in Cranbrook

Cranbrook Community Speedwatch is recruiting. Could you be a volunteer?
PSCO Steve Trail is urging community-spirited residents to get in touch and be part of a new scheme. Other towns and villages across East Devon have successful Speedwatch groups. 
The national scheme sees volunteers working with police to monitor speeds of vehicles.
They use speed detection devices. However, those found to be flouting speed restrictions are referred to the police.
The aim is to educate drivers and encourage those exceeding limits to reduce their speed. Enforcement and prosecution can follow – if repeat offenders don’t get the message.
Volunteers in Cranbrook will receive appropriate training and be supported by the Neighbourhood Policing Team.
Community Speedwatch operates when ‘necessary, justifiable and proportionate’. Its core aims are to reduce death and injury on the roads, and improve the quality of life for the local community.
Information collected by volunteers determines actual, not perceived, speeds and gives an accurate picture of overall compliance with limits.

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