Special edition cider launches to celebrate 50 years of The Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary’s 50th birthday celebrations continue with the launch of a special edition anniversary cider.

Axminster-based Lyme Bay Winery has teamed up with the charity to produce Donkey Sanctuary cider.

Proceeds from sales will help to support the work of the international animal welfare charity.

Labels on the sparkling cider bottles feature two donkeys standing beneath an apple tree.

The special edition cider is on sale from the gift shop at the Sidmouth headquarters and in its restaurant.

Bob Harding, from Lyme Bay Winery, said: “We’re very proud of everything we offer our customers at Lyme Bay and being able to collaborate with The Donkey Sanctuary has provided a real highlight for the team this year.”

James Searle, The Donkey Sanctuary spokesman,  said: “We are delighted to have teamed up with Lyme Bay Winery, an award-winning local producer.

“We share many of the same values and have a fantastic product that tastes great and helps donkeys with every purchase.”



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