Honiton Town Council declares climate emergency

Honiton Town Council has agreed to declare a climate emergency and will now work to make the town carbon neutral by 2030.

The declaration decision was prompted by a query from a member of the public and a convincing report by Councillor Caroline Kolek.

The council heard about threats to the climate at a meeting earlier tonight (August 12).

As well as declaring a climate emergency, it aims to set up a working party to make Honiton carbon neutral in just 11 years.

Helen Whitten sparked the debate when she called the council to ask what it was doing to help address climate change.

In a report put before councillors, town clerk Mark Tredwin stated: “A climate emergency has no single definition but it most instances refers to an area declaring that it would like to become carbon-neutral by a certain date. It will then usually set a plan to achieve this by the set date. Dates now vary from 2025 to 2040.

“The declaration of such a motion is such that it applies pressure to all levels of government and organisations that they interact with so that resources are put in place to reduce carbon emissions.”

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