Plastic warriors demonstrate what can be achieved in two minutes on Sidmouth beach

High winds were no deterrent to a member of Sidmouth Plastic Warriors – they were out this morning, removing potentially harmful waste from the town’s beach.

The two-minute clean-up yielded ‘lots of old crap spat back by the sea’, the group reported on Twitter.

Among the items collected were products that pose a serious risk to wildlife and the environment, including fishing wire and bags.

Other rubbish collected included plastic cups, cases for sanitary products, sweet wrappers, part of a bin and a plastic spade.

Sidmouth Plastic Warriors want to see the resort free of single use plastic products. it holds regular clean-ups.

It is encouraging everyone to do a two-minute clean when they are on their local beach.

Sidmouth has a #2minutebeachclean board with litter pickers by Jurassic Paddles and the Warriors would like to see another one by Sidmouth Lifeboat Station. 

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